Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Rahway River Park Pond Dam to Be Replaced

The dam by the scenic wooden bridge on the pond in Rahway River Park is being replaced. Work started in October. Weather permitting, the work is to be finished in two months.

The plan is to put a temporary dam in place beyond where the actual dam is. When the area around the old dam is dry, the old dam will be dismantled and rebuilt. When the new dam is finished, the temporary dam will be removed.

Progress will be monitored on this blog.

This is how the dam looked in June of this year,
and in August.
I saw this backhoe on October 7th,

and on October 13th more equipment was brought in and the support for the temporary dam was positioned in the pond.
A nice day for a swim. rahway river park clark NJ, construction, dam replacement, lill lansey

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Jonathan said...

wow, your blog is becoming more interesting! ... why would they replace the dam which appears to be working perfectly!?